Terry Crews And Don Lemon Fight Over Black Lives Matter Tweets

During his appearence on CNN this week, Terry Crews spoke with the anchor, Don […]

Posted on Jul 7, 2020 4:56 PM PDT

Don Lemon Responds To Being Called Out By Dave Chapelle In New Comedy Special

Don Lemon made headlines when he called out to celebrities to act and not […]

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Donald Trump Dragged By CNN Journalist Don Lemon - He Lists All The Ways In Which Barack Obama Is Better Than The Current President!

Don Lemon slammed the current president, even comparing him with the previous leader, Barack […]

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President Trump Is Busy Fighting With Don Lemon And Joe Scarborough While Many Americans Are Sick Due To The Coronavirus

Don Lemon took on President Donald Trump and his administration late Tuesday night for […]

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Don Lemon Tears Up For Chris Cuomo Amid His Coronavirus Diagnosis

The coronavirus has taken the entire world by storm, with many governments strongly advising […]

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Posted on Mar 31, 2020 7:55 AM PDT

Don Lemon And Jim Starlin, The Creator Of Marvel Supervillain Thanos, React To Donald Trump's 'Stupid' And 'Foolish' New Video

Many are baffled by President Donald Trump's decision to let his campaign turn him […]

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Dustin Hice Deletes Twitter Account After Suing CNN Host Don Lemon For Assault

While details are still coming to the surface and a lot about the story […]

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President Donald Trump Calls CNN Anchor Don Lemon 'Stupid' For Asking Question About His Racist Tweets

President Donald Trump is back at again, this time around he is going after […]

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Don Lemon Says He's All About Taking Care Of His Health These Days - Here's Why

According to Page Six, Don Lemon is all about his health, in fact, he […]

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