Logan Lerman Talks About Possibly Being In The Disney+ Percy Jackson Reboot

Disney+ will be coming through with a live-action adaptation of the Percy Jackson and […]

Posted on Aug 3, 2022 11:44 PM

Creators Begging Nicolas Cage To Return As National Treasure Franchise Branches Into A TV Show

The two original National Treasure films are one of Nicolas Cage's most famous works. […]

Posted on Jul 23, 2022 2:30 AM

Gal Gadot And Rachel Zegler To Star In Disney's Live Action Snow White Film

Disney has been all over the idea of making live-action remakes of its classics […]

Posted on Jul 17, 2022 2:30 AM

Why Did George Lucas Sell Lucasfilm To Disney?

George Lucas, the creator of the epic franchise called Star Wars which entertained an […]

Posted on Jul 8, 2022 3:24 AM

What Does Lightyear's Poor Performance Mean For Future LGBTQ Plans At Disney

The latest Buzz Lightyear solo film from Disney/Pixar has performed surprisingly poorly, with the […]

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Could Deadpool Appear In The Next Thor Movie? Here's What Is known So Far...

With Disney's historic accusation of Fox and all their TV and film properties, the […]

Posted on Jun 6, 2022 11:44 PM

Selena Gomez in a miniskirt and creme brulee jacket and other stars at the presentation of Disney and ABC

Selena Gomez in a miniskirt and creme brulee jacket and other stars at the […]

Posted on May 21, 2022 10:05 AM

Scarlett Johansson Sues Disney - Details!

After the release of her Black Widow movie, Scarlett Johansson has sued Disney, claiming […]

Posted on Jul 29, 2021 6:32 PM

Amy Adams Will Reprise Her Role As Princess Giselle In Enchanted Sequel, Disenchanted

Disney made huge announcements during their December investors' meeting including the bombshell that […]

Posted on Dec 12, 2020 11:11 AM