Laura Prepon Opens Up About Her Bulimia And Why She Chose To Terminate A Pregnancy In New Book

Orange Is The New Black star Laura Prepon has written a new book about […]

Posted on Mar 27, 2020 10:39 AM PDT

Book Reveals The Most Shocking Details Of Prince Charles And Princess Diana’s Marriage!

According to Sally Bedell Smith‘s new tell-all, Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of […]

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New Book Solves The Mystery Of Carole Lombard’s Deadly Plane Crash!

Brand new information about the plane crash that killed Carole Lombard in 1942 has […]

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Paris Jackson Reveals Darkest Family Secrets In New Tell-All Book

It looks like Paris Jackson is finally ready to reveal the most shocking secrets […]

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Tyler Baltierra Shares Dark Passage From His Upcoming Book

Tyler Baltierra has been thinking about a lot of things and taken a decision. […]

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Hillary Clinton Working On New Book Which Will Include Thoughts On Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton is working on a new book that is expected to be released […]

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Kellyanne Conway's "Alternative Facts" Claim Sends '1984' Book Sales Soaring

A reference to the novel '1984,' - used unintentionally by a top Trump aid […]

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10 Shocking Leah Remini Claims about Scientology

As everybody already knows, Leah Remini has started a true war against Scientology; not […]

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Michelle Obama Will Get $20 Million To Write Memoir

It is claimed that the Obamas are getting ready to seriously cash in after […]

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Kate Chastain talks celebrity encounters at sea in her book

Kate Chastain has decided to share everything about her extraordinary life at sea! The […]

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