Aaron Carter Speaks Out After Latest ‘Devastating' Legal Drama With Family

Aaron Carter is speaking out after the latest legal drama involving his family. It […]

Posted on Nov 19, 2019 10:44 PM PST

Aaron Carter Checked Into Hospital Following Extreme Weight Loss

According to a report from Refinery29.com, this past Thursday, Aaron Carter was booked in […]

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Aaron Carter Says He's Going To Sue PETA For Accusing His Mother Of Animal Abuse

According to a report from E! Online.com, Aaron Carter recently came out to threaten […]

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Aaron Carter Hospitalized Amid Ongoing Mental Health Struggles

Aaron Carter has been hospitalized amid ongoing mental health struggles. The singer shared a […]

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Aaron Carter Explains What His Sizable Face Tattoo Means And Talks Family Drama!

The singer got candid about the drama with his family and also revealed what […]

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Aaron Carter Slams Justin Bieber After His Mom Compares Them - 'He Copied Everything About Me!'

Aaron Carter dragged none other than Justin Bieber, claiming he totally copied him! In […]

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Aaron Carter Attacks President Donald Trump In Wild Rants After Showing Off New Facial Tattoo

Aaron Carter has shared a series of tweets where he bashed President Donald Trump, […]

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Aaron Carter Claims He Is Leaving ‘Foul’ America For Canada

Aaron Carter is claiming that he is leaving "foul" America for Canada. The singer […]

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Aaron Carter Pens Odd Message To Beyoncé And Fans Are Baffled

Aaron Carter is going through quite the ride right now, and he seems to […]

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Nick Carter And Wife Lauren Kitt Welcome Second Child After Suffering Miscarriage Last Year

Nick Carter and his wife, Lauren Kitt have welcomed their second child, a daughter, […]

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