T-Pain Found Himself Stopped At The Airport After Security Found A Gun On His Guard

T-Pain Found Himself Stopped At The Airport After Security Found A Gun On His Guard
Source: RapUp.com

According to police officers from the Atlanta Police Department, one of T-Pain's bodyguards was stopped by airport security after they found a gun in his backpack.

When they arrived at the Atlanta Police Precinct, T-Pain stated he was the rightful owner of the gun that his guard was carrying, and he showed his permit to carry.

As a result, the police released the rapper as well as his guard, and they didn't press any charges. However, on the other hand, sources claim police are determining whether they'll charge his guard with possession of a gun at a TSA checkpoint.

As it was previously reported, TMZ claimed T-Pain's luggage didn't get to come on the plane because the security found a weapon in it.

When personnel found his bag during the checkpoint screening at the airport on Friday, the agents looked into it and discovered a loaded Smith And Wesson .380 caliber handgun.

Once the security informed the police, they arrived at the scene and took the gun, grabbing T-Pain and his employee for further investigation. T-Pain, perhaps unwisely, documented the incident on social media, writing that "things at the Atlanta airport are getting....eventful."

He posted again suggesting it was related to carrying a firearm. As you may know, the producer/rapper won't be the only musician to find themselves in trouble in relation to carrying weapons without a permit.

Meek Mill, the Philadelphia rapper, was convicted of drugs and weapons charges nearly a decade ago, and recently went to prison for violating his parole. However, he was later released due to public outcry.

Rapper DMX has also faced gun charges. Frequent illicit firearm activity, especially lacking permits, has become a reoccuring joke in the hip-hop community. Sometimes, one just has to go the extra mile to ensure they won't get caught without a licence.

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