T-Pain Explains What Happened When He Was Recently Caught With A Loaded Weapon At The Airport

T-Pain Explains What Happened When He Was Recently Caught With A Loaded Weapon At The Airport
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Rapper T-Pain wants to shed some light on the latest events and explains to his fans what happened when he was caught with a loaded weapon at the airport. Here's what she posted on social media for his fans and followers.

'T-Pain said y’all better put some RESPECT on his name. But, fr he threw shade at half the industry. Lol y’all know if it was Kodak or somebody like that none of their guns would’ve been registered,' someone commented on The Shade Room's post on their Instagram account.

Another follower believed this: 'But you dumb asf if you think they weren’t gone be on you with a loaded gun, whether if you own it or not, if you own it and you got your license then you should know how to probably go about transporting your gun through different terminals, you either wasn’t paying attention, cause they teach that ? some terminals allow it if the gun ain’t loaded and is in a locked container and some other stuff, you still stupid asf.'

Someone else said that 'You can forget over 3oz lotion, drink, perfume etc... How you forget a whole gun? But not my business.'

One other person wrote that 'We all knew it was an accident duh no one is going to the airport with a gun I forget mine is on me all the time.'

One fan highlighted the fact that it's good he had a permit for the weapon: 'At least he had a permit for the gun. This is how black men can avoid going to prison for gun possession. No arrests, no charges. That's what's up!'

Someone else said 'Stop tryna make t-pain look bad lol he’s one of the few unproblematic faves. He makes his music, makes his moves and makes us all happy lol let that man live,' defending the rapper as well.

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  • Erica P Wynn
    Erica P Wynn Sep 2, 2018 8:34 AM PDT

    I've never been a fan of his and do not like him nor his music. He should have known better.

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