T.I. Writes That Chris Brown's False Accuser Should 'Face The Same Punishment As He Would Have' If He Raped Her

T.I. Writes That Chris Brown's False Accuser Should 'Face The Same Punishment As He Would Have' If He Raped Her
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The latest news that Chris Brown has been released without charge in Paris after the rape arrest. If you don't know, Chris found himself at the center of a horrible rape scandal.

A woman accused him of raping her in his hotel room from Paris, but it seems that there's much more to this story.

Hollywood Life reported that Chris’ Parisian lawyer Raphael Chiche said that the singer plans to sue the alleged victim for defamation, via TMZ.

After more people supported Chris, including rapper T.I., Tiny Harris' husband has a message to shared with his followers. Check it out below.

'Ok so now what happens to the FALSE accuser???? She should face the same scrutiny and punishment as he would have if he did it... #KingsCriticalThinking' T.I. captioned his post. It looks like his son, King said this.

One follower posted 'They need to start a “NOT ME” movement & any false allegations for attention or money/interviews lead to them being prosecuted. Bc when it actually happens, you don’t know who is the victim.'

Another commenter also defended Chris and said 'That man too busy raising his daughter and making music and realistically speaking he doesn't have to take it...'

Someone else wrote this in the comments section: 'I never judge anybody.. how can we judge because nobody is perfect and everybody has done something at some point in time.. Lessons like this are for learning... The only person I’m hard on is me... in the end I hope Chris Brown change his circle and switch up some of the things he do. Mom used to always say one bad apple spoils the bunch.. people you hang with can affect everything in your life.. Things you do can effect everything in your life.. I stay to myself and I stay out of trouble..'

One other commenter shared: 'When you’re paid to appear and then disappear there will never be any scrutiny...its a reality that hurts...they want us to believe that ALL BLACK MAN ARE DANGEROUS!!! And then it’s worse when some become what they condition us to believe!!! Keep pushing for greatness!!! They talked about Jesus but his light shines through!!!'

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