T.I. Writes Sweet And Touching Message For Tiny Harris - Check It Out!

T.I. Writes Sweet And Touching Message For Tiny Harris - Check It Out!
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The rapper took to his platform of choice, Instagram, to post a pic of him and his wife, Tiny Harris on a date night, using this opportunity to prove that their love is still going strong. In the caption, T.I. wrote a really touching message that you just need to check out!

TIP has a lot of love for his life partner and he felt like showing it off on December 29.

Their night out together must have been really romantic, reminding him just how much Tiny means to him and inspiring him to write her a sweet love letter.

That being said, alongside the pic that showed the married couple posing in front of a mirror, he wrote:  ‘The light, The darkness, The Alpha and Omega, The Good and The Bad, The UPs and The Downs,The Wins,The Losses(and Lessons) all in 1pic. Translation: Savages only understand Savagery. Take that however you wanna. #TheHarrisWay.’

The two looked as great as always and seemed blissfully happy in the pic that had Tiny holding onto her husband’s arm.

Seeing the sweet post, fans were quick to gush over their love and chemistry, writing things like: ‘Y’all so cute. I love the bond y’all share #blessed.’ / ‘Very beautiful.’ / ‘Such a good looking couple.’

As you probably know, Tiny and T.I. have been married since 2010 and are the parents of 11 year old Major, 15 year old King and 3 year old Heiress.

Their relationship has been pretty tumultuous but somehow they’ve always found their way back to each other.

Speaking of, T.I. mentioned while on the Tamron Hall Show back in October that ‘The key to staying together, this is the secret, this is how people have been together for 10s and 20s and 30s of years. Here it is: Don’t go nowhere. That’s as simple as that.’

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