T.I., Who? Bernice Burgos Dons Top With Shady Message As Quavo Romance Heats Up

T.I., Who? Bernice Burgos Dons Top With Shady Message As Quavo Romance Heats Up

Model and new grandmother Bernice Burgos has decided to make a shocking statement while wearing a sexy crop top.

The mother of two showed off her fantastic figure in a yellow top that read "F**k it up Buttercup."

She completed the look with a pair of camouflage pants and cornrows braids.

She also posted a photo where she is in a yellow bikini and explained that she is missing the sun.

Meanwhile, it is being claimed that Burgos, who welcomed her first granddaughter, India, last month, is in a heated romance with rapper Quavo who is the third member of Migos.

The pair has been seen at several clubs together getting hot and steamy.

Apparently, both Tiny Harris and her husband, ATL movie star T.I., who had a fling with Burgos are not surprised by the news.

A source said: "Talking about Bernice hooking up with Quavo has brought T.I. and Tiny closer together as a couple. Just knowing that Bernice is out with Quavo has allowed Tiny to feel more secure with T.I. Things are finally good between T.I. and Tiny. They have resolved a lot of their trust problems and seeing Bernice with a new man reinforces Tiny’s believe that they have moved on which makes both T.I. and his wife Tiny feel better. T.I. has been good to Tiny lately and they have been able to laugh at Quavo getting mixed up with a wild character like Bernice.”

The person added: “Tiny is not surprised that Bernice is after another rapper. Tiny does not trust Bernice at all and doesn’t think her intentions with Quavo are sincere. If Tiny were closer to Quavo, she would call him up and warn him about messing with a girl like Bernice. Tiny feels that Bernice is way too old for Quavo and that she is only up to no good. The last thing Tiny wants is for Bernice to get her hands on another rapper. Tiny is tired of hearing about Bernice yet again and is relieved that Bernice is not messing with her man T.I. Tiny is so over Bernice and wishes she would disappear forever.”

It seems that this saga will go on for a while.


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