T.I. 'Upset' About Bernice Burgos’ Business Dinner Date With Nick Cannon - Is He Jealous?

T.I. 'Upset' About Bernice Burgos’ Business Dinner Date With Nick Cannon - Is He Jealous?
Source: sohh.com

Rumor has it that the rapper is not a fan of the paparazzi pics that show his former side-chick out on a ‘business dinner’ with Nick Cannon. In fact, the outing made headlines saying the two are dating, but it was the Instagram model who took to social media to say that they are collabing on a project and nothing more. That being said, apparently, T.I. is not convinced Bernice and Nick are not romantically linked.

Is Tiny Harris’ husband not over his fling? It seems like it, as some insider reports claim he is upset about the dinner date between her and Mariah Carey’s ex-husband.

‘T.I. is feeling a bit envious over Nick’s meeting with Bernice. T.I. thinks Bernice looks really good, still finds her very attractive and he isn't surprised that Nick is taking her out on expensive dinners. T.I.'s always had a soft spot for Bernice, so he gets upset and does not like it whenever he sees her with another man. T.I.'s scoffing at Bernice’s claims that it was just business with Nick. He does not buy it. T.I. is no fool, he knows Nick is a player, Bernice's gorgeous, and Nick would love to get with her in the bedroom too,’ one source tells HollywoodLife.

But despite his disappointment regarding Bernice’s love life, the rapper is not about to do anything about it as in the end, he is still determined to stay faithful to his Xscape singer wife.

‘He’s fully committed to Tiny. He loves his wife and is really doing all he can to make things work with the mother of his kids. He's not trying to wine and dine Bernice,’ the insider dished for the same outlet.


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