'T.I. & Tiny’s Friends & Family Hustle:' Tiny Harris Is Proud Of T.I. For Opening A Trap Music Museum

'T.I. & Tiny’s Friends & Family Hustle:' Tiny Harris Is Proud Of T.I. For Opening A Trap Music Museum
Credit: Source: bet.com

Yesterday's episode of T.I. & Tiny’s Friends & Family Hustle followed rapper T.I. as he was preparing to open his brand new trap museum in Atlanta. Tiny Harris was also getting ready for the grand opening for her new juice bar called Got Da Juice.

Both of their projects kept these two quite busy and Tip, for instance, was so busy that he could not even make it to Tiny's opening.

She completely understood, and she was still by his side when his trap museum opened later.

'I freakin’ love the trap museum,' Tiny said. 'When it comes to his visions and ideas, he is just always on tel. It pushes me to want to be above and beyond. I’m just proud to be part of whatever he has going on. Congratulations, babe.'

It looks like the couple was able to get past their various issues with the help of their recent anniversary trip that was also mentioned in the show.

On the wall of the museum Tip included ten trap commandments and these were basically all kinds of things that Tip learned.

One of those commandments was this: 'never go to sleep around a stripper.'

‘Don’t go to sleep around a stripper!' he warned viewers. 'They’re after the money and even a picture here and there. Have as much fun as you like, do all other kinds of things that may be unmentionable. However, you do not go to sleep around a stripper.'

Tiny posted a preview for the episode on her social media account yesterday.She captioned it with:

'If you’re not tune it yet, turn on @Vh1 Friends & Family Hustle is on now! Showing off my newest business venture @gotdajuicebar oh & your all time favorite @majors harris will be on your screen tonight!! Clock in guys...time for some good clean family fun!! #FamilyHustle ???'

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