T.I. Thirsts Over Tameka 'Tiny' Harris In The Comment Section Of Her IG Photo

T.I. Thirsts Over Tameka 'Tiny' Harris In The Comment Section Of Her IG Photo
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Hot New Hip Hop picked up on a post from Tiny Harris this weekend on which T.I, her husband, had commented. As hip-hop fans know, T.I. and Tiny Harris are one of the most celebrated couples in the rap world, although, they've definitely had their tumultuous periods.

According to the outlet, Tiny Harris and T.I, over the last few years, have been closer than they've ever been before, which is further backed up by a recent post from T.I. in which he was gushing over Harris' new look which she showed off on her IG.

Tameka posted a throwback photo of herself from a time in her life when she was still trying to break into the entertainment business. Hot New Hip Hop says the photo was actually one of her older headshots, and T.I. praised his wife for her look.

T.I. wrote the wildest compliment in her comment section, telling her that she was as "fine as frog hair." Fans of the performing artist had a field day with T.I's remarks. Obviously, T.I. is never too busy to shout out to his wife in the sweetest way.

Fans of the performing artist know he had a big week this week following the release of his latest project, The LIBRA , however, multiple reports came out to say the rapper's record didn't fare as well on the charts as he and his team had hoped.

Hot New Hip Hop reported that T.I.'s latest effort only moved 20,000 units its first week, which means it would make it to #20 on the charts . It's unclear if the record will continue selling the same amount as the weeks go by.

Rap fans know sales numbers are often a point of competition among artists. For instance, Tekashi 6ix9ine was put on blast by many other hip-hop performers this year after it was revealed that Tattle Tales was going to sell a third of what it was supposed to.


However, some of his followers pointed out that he was up against stiff competition because Big Sean just dropped one of his most successful records in years.

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