T.I. Talks About Six Of The Best Southern Musical Landmarks

T.I. Talks About Six Of The Best Southern Musical Landmarks
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T.I. is talking about six of the best southern musical landmarks and his fans and followers are also sharing their opinion in the comments on this matter. Check out his post below.

'6 best music landmarks in the south according to @natgeo @trapmusicmuseum,' Tip said.

One fan said: 'Be patient to your followers. we love you!' and a fan said: 'We need that back tip yall only had it since I was in the danm 9th grade lol.'

One other follower posted this: 'Help brighten up the evenіng for a pretty gіrl.'

Somoene said; 'I had such a great time going to the Trap Museum in April. I love music and it was such a good time it was so busy but you weren’t rushed to get through it. If you love hip hop and a student of music it’s such a nice place to visit and such a vibe. Highly recommend.'

A commenter posted this: 'Was actually wondering if you would like to get a dope cartoon portrait of yourself or logo done #blackbusiness??'

Somoene else said: 'Bumass Joe Budden tried to downplay the trap music museum not to long ago, it’s always the people who look like us slick hating…..We salute u tip, and fuck the haters.'

A follower said: 'Atlanta is the Capital of low vibration hip hop @troubleman31 a whole lot of lying and bragging about being dope fiends!'

In other recent news. Tip's wife Tiny made headlines not too long ago as well.

It's been just revealed that  Tiny Harris   responded following some claims about Bernice Burgos. Check out the reports that have been shared by The Shade Room.

'ShekinahAnderson recently went on live and spilled a whole lot of tea about #Tiny and #TI. During the live, she alleged she was told she needed to fight #BerniceBurgos over the of Bernice and Tip possibly dating. Tiny responded with a message on her IG story shortly after clips from the live started making their rounds,' The Shade Room noted.


Fans and followers are sending Tip love via the comments section.

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