T.I. Surprises His Fans With A Not So Fun Fact - Check It Out Here!

T.I. Surprises His Fans With A Not So Fun Fact - Check It Out Here!
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T.I. just surprised his fans with a not so fun fact that he showed on his social media account. Check out the post that he shared below.

'Here's a not so fun fact...#ThisIsAmerica🇺🇸 #USorELSE✊🏽' he captioned his post.

Someone said: 'Manhattan beach exact same thing.. we’ve built so much and there rewarded for stealing and killing.'

A commenter posted this: '264 people to be exact, and it was a mixture of African Americans & Irish descent people in 1851 this happened the history Seneca Village aka Central Park.'

Someone else wrote: 'I’m curious about your purpose in all this. Where is the positive speech about our youth and the future? If we keep dwelling in the things that can not be changed, how does this advance us by constantly bringing up the darkness of our past. Flood your timeline with the accomplishments of Blacks. Excellence not how we were killed and beaten. The universe doesn’t know the difference in what you are asking. It does not know the past or present or future. You must choose your language carefully. For the airwaves are sacred and travel forever in the universe. With love and respect. Change the narrative.'

A commenter said: 'Damn......😮 What da.... 😡 Man this pissed me so much man!' and someone else posted this: 'Funny thing is y’all still falling for the same tricks all-cause y’all hate the orange man!'

One other follower wrote: 'I use to go there ALL THE TIME I love that park but I don’t know that thanks for the information.'

A fan posted: 'Proceeds to support a candidate who pushed for single mothers to go to jail for their children cutting class, increased prison pops for “cheap labor” (eg fighting forest fires), and quite a few other interesting pieces of legislation. Keep that same energy.'

Someone else said this: 'Same in PA..all blk owned streets now occupied by govt buildings.'

In other news, T.I. shared a post on his social media account that had people addressing the issue in the comments.

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