T.I. Shows Off A Piece Of Jewelry And Fans Continue To Praise His New Album

T.I. Shows Off A Piece Of Jewelry And Fans Continue To Praise His New Album
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T.I. recently dropped some new music that managed to impress his fans. He's been flooding his social media account with posts related to this new album, and people are in awe.

In one of the photos, he was showing off a piece of jewelry and said that he doesn't wear bling so often.

'I don't do jewelry often, but when I do... My Shit Hittin✨👑♎️⚖️' Tip captioned his post.

Someone said: 'Libra!!!! Our birthdays are on the same day! They were both milestones! I turned 30 yu 40! Album 🔥 and the chain...I mean, it's aight! Lol sike naw you always 💯'

A commenter said: 'Thank you for initiating the dominance of southern hip-hop, give the King his flowers, no 🧢' and someone else posted this: 'Need to send you some shirts from my brand @troubleman31 I’m in Griffin fwm.'

Someone else said: '@troubleman31 the hamsa(Hand of God) is also my favorite,' and someone else said: 'Inspired and motivated #Libra #InRealLife @troubleman31.'

A commenter wrote: 'I wonder what that thang be worth in the future TIP @troubleman31' and someone else said: 'wow!!! TI álbum fantastic, l loved it!!!! congratulations 💯💎🇧🇷'

A commenter said: 'Where the bucket come from @troubleman31 ???' and someone else posted this: '@troubleman31 when would be a good time to speak to you about Matthew Rushin’s case?'

One other commenter said: 'That damn album is hittin! Thank you for not disappointing! 🔥'

In other news, Tip made headlines in relation to Ice Cube .

Ice Cube  has become a topic of discussion on social media after he revealed that the Trump administration contacted him to work on the Contract With Black America that he had drafted.

T.I is giving his two cents on the situation.

It’s very important to note that  Ice Cube is not endorsing a candidate. You can check out more details in this previous article. 

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