T.I. Shocks His Fans With A Video Featuring The Police: 'Racist, Hateful, Disrespectful Cowards!'

T.I. Shocks His Fans With A Video Featuring The Police: 'Racist, Hateful, Disrespectful Cowards!'
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T.I. shocked his fans with a video that he just shared on his social media account featuring a violent encounter with the police. Check out the message that he shared.

Tip always steps up for his community, and he's been addressing racist events and issues for a really long time now, Some of his fans support the initiative that he has, and others say that he is sometimes overreacting.

'Alright, so THIS IS WHY young people of color say "F*CK THE POLICE" y'all some racist, hateful, disrespectful cowards who really just jealous of young people because they are doing more with their youth & their talents than you did with yours. If I've learned anything from the mass hysteria caused by this viral pandemic is... KARMA IS KING & NOBODY IS EXEMPT‼️' Tip began his post.

He continued and said: 'You may be in a powerful position today... but the future is a fickle mistress who knows no exemptions. The laws of reciprocity ARE INDEED IN ORDER‼️ Watch when your sons, daughters, nieces,& nephews see who you REALLY ARE, how they treat you & think of you. I'm wondering if they (The Policemen in this video) know that the young people who travel to Miami Beach for spring break spend money on food, beverages, hotels, & entertainment contributes to tourism which allows the small businesses on the beach to pay taxes which in turn pays their undeserving salaries???'

You can see the complete caption above.

Someone said: 'We gotta stop thinking the things they've built for their people is for us & we can build our own just like they did with the money we're giving them.'

Another commenter said: 'It looks like the cops were forcing this one. Like they provoked it 💯. This is why we don't trust the police which is there to protect us in the first place. They think all of us are up to no good. Always. Smh.'

Someone else posted this: 'Why y'all going there and giving them your money...... They don't want people of color there for spring break so don't go.'

Another follower said: 'Did he just discharge his weapon? It’s what happens when having incompetent people, who can’t handle high-pressure situations and give them weaponry. Embarrassing.'

What do you think about the video?

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Posted on Sep 14, 2021 4:28 PM PDT