T.I. Shares The Sweetest Photo Of His Baby Girl, Heiress Harris And Has Fans In Awe

T.I. Shares The Sweetest Photo Of His Baby Girl, Heiress Harris And Has Fans In Awe
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Since Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, died in the horrible helicopter accident along with seven more people, social media went crazy. People have been posting the late star and various quotes and messages along with all kinds of videos featuring Kobe.

One thing is for sure, people have been thinking really hard at what this life means and how important it is to cherish it and the loved ones while we're alive.

A lot of people are reconsidering their broken relationships, and they're asking for forgiveness to the ones that they have once hurt.

Stars and celebrities have also been posting their families and gushing over their kids.

T.I. is one of them. Following the accident, he's been publicly proclaiming his love for Tiny Harris and all their kids.

Now, Tip shared a cute photo in which he's with his and Tiny's baby girl, Heiress Harris, and made people smile.

Someone said: 'Already know you can’t say no to that face...' and a commenter posted this: 'Heiress is getting to be more your twin now!!! 😍😍'

One other fan wrote: 'Beautiful family tip as always @troubleman31 love from the midwest,' and a commenter said: 'How beautiful she looks and a great father.'

Someone else praised Heiress as well and said: 'She's so precious. Much love King, you are richer in spirit. God (Allah). Bless the children for they are the future @troubleman31.'

One follower wrote: 'The prettiest little expression when a daughter looks at her father.'

Another Instagrammer praised Tip and his daughter and fathers in general: '@troubleman31 I have no words for the joy that I feel to see black fathers, as the first major male figure in their daughter's lives, teaching them how they should be treated and enabling them to understand what they should and should not accept as an adult in their relationships. #BlackFathersSteppingUp'

Other than this, Tip has been promoting a popular petition regarding Kobe that's been circulating on social media.

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