T.I. Shares The Funniest Video Featuring Himself And 50 Cent

T.I. Shares The Funniest Video Featuring Himself And 50 Cent
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T.I. just shared a video in which he's together with 50 Cent and he's making fun of the money issue which has been surrounding 50. As you know, recently 50 Cent has been wanting his money back from everyone who has ever asked cash from him. Here's Tip's video below.

'Ok @5ive_mics since you haven’t responded yet,I’ve officially handed this matter over to my representative @50cent ... He’ll be handling things from here on my behalf. It’s above me now🤷🏾‍♂️ #ThousandDollarAbs #PayMeExpeditiouslySIR,' Tip captioned his post.

Fans are laughing their hearts out in the comments seeing the video.

Somoene commented: 'TIP hired the best bill collector in the game. 😂 Smart move.'

Another follower said: 'OFFICIALLY a debt collector.... verbal contract witnessed by millions.'

A fan believes that 50 Cent should have his very own TV show: '50 need to make a reality show, dude is funny AF😂😂'

One other commenter posted: 'The matter will be handled expeditiously. @50cent knows how to get that bag. 💰'

Another fan wrote: '@troubleman31 50 may be the key to getting black folk the “40 Acres and Mule money” we owed 🤔. Tell the U.S. government we want our money by the Monday following the Next POTUS inauguration.'

Tip was recently in the spotlight again regarding the jail in Atlanta . Everyone who knows the rapper also knows that he has been working hard to support his community, and his latest gesture has fans’ respect.

Tip continues his efforts to make changes in his hometown, according to The Shade Room.

It has been recently reported that Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms recently announced that Tip and 24 other members had been officially asked to join a task force to repurpose the Atlanta city jail.

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