T.I. Shares Shocking News That Enrages People

T.I. Shares Shocking News That Enrages People
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T.I. shared a piece of news that made a lot of his followers angry. He posted about a black man who was found hanging from a tree and, of course, people started making all kinds of assumptions.

'all my young black brothers Please protect yourselves,' Tip captioned his post.

Someone said: 'We know dam well a black man is not going to hang himself in front of the American flag at city hall! This was a sign! This was a statement that someone wanted to make!'

One follower posted this message: 'They're asking for war and we African Americans are built for it.'

On e commenter posted this: 'Robert did not commit suicide. This is a clear case of intimidation by White Supremacists to show their disdain for Black Lives Matter movement, the protests to demand change for racial equality and police brutality reform.'

Someone said: 'Join the Sheriff’s Virtual Townhall meeting to demand answers about his death!!! It’s on Monday, June 15,' and a follower posted this message: 'When is enough? When can we just start clapping back 💯 I feel like that's what it's gonna need to come down too.'

Another angry person wrote: 'I think all the cops all over The world needs to be fired and we just need new cops periodt.'

Someone said that 'this is crazy I live in California and I have not heard of no news about this story if it wasn't for this social media I would not know anything,' and another follower posted: 'We need to get this on National news asap. This story just doesn't seem right. I doubt it was suicide.'

A follower said: 'Half of these comments trying to get publicity under this poor child’s death is disgusting. God rest his soul.'

T.I. told his fans that it’s vital to vote . He addressed the primary election in Atlanta that takes place today and it’s really important.

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