T.I. Shares More Photos Featuring His Daughter, Heiress Harris And Tiny Harris Says The Baby Girl Is Turning Into Her Mom!

T.I. Shares More Photos Featuring His Daughter, Heiress Harris And Tiny Harris Says The Baby Girl Is Turning Into Her Mom!

T.I. proudly shared a bunch of new pics featuring his and Tiny Harris ' daughter, Heiress Harris . You should check out the new pics below.

'Top of the top... Applying Pressure From the bottom UP‼️ #DaddyBaby,' Tip captioned one of the posts.

Tiny Harris wrote: 'My baby is turning into her mother slowing but surely with these poses!! '

Someone said: 'You can’t tell a girl anything when she with her Daddy!! #DaddysGirlBestGirls,' and another follower said: 'All of Tips' kids look like spitting images of him. Even tho King looks like Tiny spit him out he still looks like Tip. Them jeans strong 💪🏽❤'

A follower said: 'Always walk the kids and the wife on the inside. Old wives tale...The Man walks on the outside always🙃😍' and someone else posted this: 'She’s Magical! A For Real Living Doll‼️'

A commenter wrote: 'So cute. She’s getting way to big to fast,' and someone else said: 'Our future is with our beloved children and our wives for whom we must be willing to defend at any and all costs. Life is not a game. No more stalling nor excuses. Life’s on the Line!'

Tip also said: 'My baby ain't here for NO FOOLISHNESS now!!!! In NO WAY is She outchea fa play!!! She sayin auntie Beyonce got a decade or 2 &... I'm on my way!!!! She really doin her shit right now!!!!🤯🥰❤️#DaddyBaby'

Someone said: 'Her name is so fitting, she “fills it out” already... you can’t raise that energy, it comes with the 📦 package💪🏾🖤'

In other news, Tip and Tiny made fans happy  just the other day.

T.I. shared a loving message for  Tiny Harris  on his social media account. She responded and fans were in awe to see these two so in love.

Tiny responded: ‘I’m so in love wit u Big daddy I can eat u up.’

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  • TBun
    TBun Sep 17, 2020 8:36 PM PDT

    Cute adorable and they say Ti Iz a bad daddie He’s a better man then he use 2 be this one brought Ti and Tiny together an I hate too say it but I don’t wanna see Ti wit Nobodie else but Tiny Real talk she’s down an she’s the reason why he’s up there God Bless Them!

  • Eunice Carldwell
    Eunice Carldwell Sep 17, 2020 3:46 PM PDT

    The person who commented on your page that said always walk with the female on the inside was right. The man should always be on the outside; like by the street. I'm 60 years old and my daddy taught me and my little boyfriends that tip like 50 years ago. Good looking out!!

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