T.I. Shares An Inspirational Story On His Podcast - See The Clips

T.I. Shares An Inspirational Story On His Podcast - See The Clips
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T.I.'s podcast called ExpediTIously, is becoming more and more popular. He's addressing all kinds of interesting subjects on his radio show, and this one below is not an exception.

Check out some of Tip's clips that he shared on his social media account.

'Did a panel with this brother @ShakaSenghor a couple of weeks ago & his story inspired me so much!!! Had to invite him to #ExpediTIously to kick that shit‼️
From serving time for a murder case to @Oprah’s Book List‼️ Now That’s a Redemption Song‼️OUT NOW‼️@podcastone @applepodcasts,' Tip captioned the first clip.

He shared a second clip from that episode as well, and he captioned it with: 'We all got people in da joint & WE ALL could do a better job at reminding them that they’re still loved & remembered. @shakasenghor’s Best Selling book “Writing My Wrongs” is a true testament to mental resilience & personal evolution. Just ask @oprah 🤷🏽‍♂️ Listen to our full discussion now on #ExpediTIously @podcastone @applepodcasts.'

In his third clip from the aforementioned episode, Tip addressed trauma:

'Trauma is at the root of most of our problems. Look at what we’ve been through. It’s the Life Work that people like @shakasenghor have done that’s shown us how much growth is possible if & when we’re truly committed to change. Hear us talk about #WritingMyWrongs & More on #ExpediTIously OUT NOW on @podcastone @applepodcasts'

People were grateful for this guest and the discussions that Tip had with him.

Someone said: 'So true... many times our Kings end up in the joint from a lack of good parental decisions, love, confusions, and/or love not to throw stones at anyone but its facts and the healing process must begin even if it’s behind bars, especially if it’s resulted to being behind bars.'

A follower believes that 'If more people started to see those examples, they would know that everything is possible! Change is always here, start by yourself, 🙏🏻 and God will lead the road.'

Someone else said: 'I swear I was just talking about this. We grow up with a lot of trauma and mental health issues that are deemed as normal because of the environment?💯@queennik87 @ob_1of1.'

In other news, just recently Tip talked about the secret of his strong relationship with his wife, Tiny Harris, and more exciting subjects.

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