T.I. Shares A Post In The Memory Of Four Legends Who Will Never Die

T.I. Shares A Post In The Memory Of Four Legends Who Will Never Die
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T.I. shared a post in which four music legends are featured and Tip also wrote an important message. See Tip's message below.

'Never Forgotten 🙏🏽👑#LegendsNeverDIE,' Tip captioned his post.

Someone said: 'What's crazy is both people on the right died the same way, and both to the left died the same way.'

One other commenter wrote: 'ALL FACTS! You may kill the flesh, but the legacy they left behind will forever reign. RIP KINGS.'

For some people, Tip's post triggered a debate in the comments.

A follower said: 'Prince isn't here because he was addicted to opiates.'

Someone said, 'that and his religion preventing him from getting the proper medical treatment he needed. 🤷‍♂️'

One person wrote, 'You do know that Fentanyl is not listed on every medication right when it’s included right? They purposely leave it off to avoid people stealing it.'

Another Instagrammer posted this: 'It’s two different scenarios here. Nipsey and Tupac were killed by their own, and Mike and Prince were killed by the powers that be.'

One follower posted: 'Facts💯... I really miss Michael and its October I can't help but think of thriller 🧟‍♂️😢'

A person said, 'Drugs killed Michael though.... he’s an icon but let’s not act like he wasn’t addicted to pain killers.'

In other news, T.I. impressed his fans when he shared a message in the memory of late Nipsey Hussle.

He also shared a video of the rapper in which he’s delivering a really important idea to the people.

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