T.I. Says Not A Lot Of People Ever Heard His Verse On Kanye West's Song 'Drive Slow'

T.I. Says Not A Lot Of People Ever Heard His Verse On Kanye West's Song 'Drive Slow'
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T.I. has been a rapper for the longest time. For that reason, he has a lot of stories to tell about other stars and also his own experiences as a recording artist. During a recent conversation with HipHopDX, the rapper touched on a number of topics, including a classic song he and Kanye worked on together.

Fans of T.I. know he and Kanye did a song together many years ago called "Drive Slow," from Ye's record, Late Registration . Tip explained how Kanye had reached out to him and asked for him to get on the track. The rapper told T.I. that he wanted just one verse from him.

According to T.I, the song was already long enough. It was around 5 or 6 minutes long, so he wondered what he even wanted from him in the first place. Regardless, T.I. did the verse for him, even after noting that there wasn't much he could do on it because it was long enough as it was.


The rapper says Kanye then shot the music video for the song, but the full version of the track wasn't used for it. Ironically, it wasn't on Kanye's record either, or Paul Wall's for that matter (the other rapper who appeared on the song).

The husband of Tiny Harris went on to say that he has never heard the full version of the song anywhere, whether it be at a club, on TV, in a music video, or anywhere.

Regarding Kanye and his recent behavior, T.I. explained that the Yeezy creator has been a friend of his for forever, and he'll always have his back, even if he doesn't always agree with him.

T.I went on to say that he would always appreciate Kanye' s work and contributions to the "culture." T.I. says he approaches it a lot like a brother or a personal friend who's just going through a phase at the moment. He says he is just going to love him from a distance.


As most know, T.I. has continued to work with Kanye even during his most controversial moments, including when he first came out as a Trump supporter amid the beginning of the president's term.

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