T.I. Says America's Old Habits Are Hard To Break; Blasts A Baptist Church

T.I. Says America's Old Habits Are Hard To Break; Blasts A Baptist Church
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T.I. recently posted some really disturbing photos of a baptist church. Tip says that there are racist signs and messages all over the place and Tip says that it seems that America's old habits are still alive.

'Guess America’s Old habits are hard to break🤷🏾‍♂️ #SomeThingsNeverChange #USorELSE
RP:@realdlhughley FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST CHURCH You’re officially on notice ‼️ What’s Goin on wit this❓' Tip captioned his post.

The opinions are varied in the comments, and some people agree with Tip, while others say that maybe the messages are innocent.

Someone said: 'Old habits do die hard, just like young African American men killing each other in gang fights and turf wars. Having an opinion does not mean someone is supporting the klan. The klan is a horrible group of disgusting individuals, but leave it to a celebrity to take something out of context.'

Another follower posted: 'You’re going to try to say no black business owner has ever had the slogan love it or leave it?'

One commenter said that 'Maybe they are just trying to tell people to love each other, not just the country they live in?'

A fan of Tip's wrote: 'That ain’t no church. That’s one of their publicly hidden stompin’ grounds. I wouldn’t mind if it suddenly burned to the ground.'

Another person said: 'This is sad.. and to think about all the horrible things that I've ancestors had to go thru to fight for freedom.. I pray for our people as a whole...'

One other follower said, 'Some of these people are claiming that they are Christians and that they are God’s children, they are the most hateful vile people in the world. I would not want to be amongst them in church! Their hearts are so corrupted. Take God’s name out of your hateful mouth! Children of God love everyone and they preach compassion and encourage everyone to be kind and caring to one another! Those are the people I listen to! I will never sit beside these criminals in church! I would rather stay home to pray and read my bible! I don’t want those bad energy rubbing off on me! Very sad reality....SMH.'

What do you think about Tip's post and all these messages related to the church?

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