T.I.’s Sister Precious Harris' C.O.D. Revealed - Here's What Happened Before Her Tragic Death

T.I.’s Sister Precious Harris' C.O.D. Revealed - Here's What Happened Before Her Tragic Death
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Precious Harris passed away a week after she crashed her car and now, new details about her cause of death have been revealed in a traffic accident report obtained by HollywoodLife. T.I.’s beloved sister was only 66 years old and was on life support for over a week before she finally passed away without regaining consciousness even once.

It has been reported that, as she was driving her 2013 Dodge Avenger in Atlanta, Precious suffered an asthma attack.

According to her granddaughter, Kairi Chapman, who was also in the car, Precious ‘went unconscious and veered into a telephone pole.’

One officer who showed up at the scene mentioned in the traffic report that Precious was found unconscious but that she was still breathing.

At some point, however, her state began getting worse since she ‘started to foam at the mouth.’

She received CPR and was taken to the hospital by the paramedics immediately.

As for the granddaughter, she received the proper treatment after complaining of chest pains and was then released.

The shocking death of Precious Harris has deeply affected her family members, who have been posting heartbreaking tributes to her since her passing.

T.I.’s wife, Tiny Harris took to her platform of choice to share a touching clip of her sister in law.

Meanwhile, her daughter Kamaya Harris also remembered her on Instagram aside from telling HollywoodLife during an interview that ‘She was everything. Can’t even put it in words.’

Tip was also very affected by her death. One source told the outlet that ‘T.I. is inconsolable over the loss of his sister. He's overwhelmed by the tragedy of Precious’ death, and cannot even begin to imagine his life without her.’

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