T.I.'s Fans Don't Necessarily Agree With His 'Vengeance' Plan After He Reveals His Sister Precious' Last Text Message To Him

T.I.'s Fans Don't Necessarily Agree With His 'Vengeance' Plan After He Reveals His Sister Precious' Last Text Message To Him
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The whole community has been mourning these days the loss of a really great woman - T.I.'s sister, Precious Harris. She was involved in a terrible car accident, and despite all the prayers coming from family and friends, she still didn't make it.

This unfortunate event took her away from her family in the end . T.I.’s wife Tiny Harris , family, friends, and fans are all there for him during these tough days.

The rapper promised his sister via all of his Instagram posts and more that he would try, together with the whole family, to remain with their head up high and they’ll also try and move on with their lives because this is what she would have wanted for them.

T.I. also had an  extremely important message for his fans these days, telling all of us to cherish life and our loved ones before it's too late.

Earlier, Tip revealed something that was really shocking - Precious’ last text message that she ever got to send him .

Surprisingly, it's about what he has been slamming online these days - Gucci and other such names.

Here's how Tip decided to caption the photo of Precious' last message: '‘My last txt from big sis… THIS WHY IM STAYING ON @gucci NECK!!! Cause SHE SAID SO!!!! 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽em.’

It's more than obvious that his thirst for some kind of revenge has intensified after all of this and he wants to continue his battle against Gucci and the other big names that he considers to be racist.

Not all of his fans agree with his desire for vengeance.

Someone told Tip: '@troubleman31 u still on this man let it go it’s bigger battles to fight Besides I don’t think no one is going to stop buying Gucci no time soon so what's the point and besides that how well is your boycott working? And what’s wrong with Gucci making a specific line of clothing to cater to the black community?'

There have been other commenters who told him that there are more important fights to fight these days.

But, on the other hand, Tip still has a lot of fans who feel just like him and support his words completely.

Someone posted 'I Been said this...old school know this 🤦🏽‍♀️ blacks must feel important or worthy according to their jewelry, clothes, and anything else lavish....millionaires & billionaires, wealthy don’t have to prove anything to the world just blacks that never had anything so when they get something, it’s oooooo look at me, I’m rich and fancy showboating instead of giving back to our communities that supported us and backed us from the beginning. Invest in your old communities or stomping grounds and build them up, creating new jobs, opportunities, etc. your sister sounds like a very smart woman, so take heed 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽'

Another fan said '@troubleman31 Precious knew what she was talking about. They discriminate when it comes to celebrity fragrances and clothing lines as well. I used to be a fragrance vendor for a major cosmetics company. The same companies they paid to market their products wanted to label fragrances from Jay, Usher, and Puff as “urban fragrances”! They pushed other fragrances ahead of theirs often spawning dismal sales and forcing their product off the shelves and into the secondary market. There’s no such thing as an urban fragrance. All fragrances are basically created equal.'

What do you think? Should Tip continue his fight against Gucci and the others or should he focus on something else?

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