T.I.'s Daughter, Deyjah Harris, Debuts Long Blond Hair In Sassy Video

T.I.'s Daughter, Deyjah Harris, Debuts Long Blond Hair In Sassy Video
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Deyjah Harris has decided to switch up her hairstyle, and she has a large group of friends and fans going wild for her new look.

The 19-year-old daughter of T.I., who always had her hair in dark black, has decided to go blonde.

The college student took to Instagram, and she posted a dazzling video where she is tossing her honey new hair around.

The teen had a face full of makeup and a few pieces of jewelry to complete the look.

Reginae Carter praised Deyjah for her new look, and so did many other fans. One person wrote: "Ohhhhhh Deyjah, looking just like your mommy."

Another commenter shared: "Colored hair on you is undefeated โค๏ธ."

This backer claimed: "In love with the hair baby ๐Ÿ˜."

Tiny Harris's stepdaughter recently took some questions from her fans, where she made some revelations with her answers.

She said she is independent and added: "I would probably say I wish that the world didn't assume that just because I am who I am, rather I'm such and such daughter that everything is all just like just, what's the saying? Sugar spice and everything nice basically. I'm not saying that 'oh nothing is perfect throughout my life' like I'm not saying that. Let me just go ahead and say, this I make my own money like I don't feel comfortable asking my father for anything. I don't feel comfortable asking my mother for anything. I like to have my own things. I just like to be independent basically. I don't want to have to go ask somebody for something that I can kind of do on my own or get on my own rather so yeah."

She went on to explain: "Being that I am who I am, if somebody was to see me at McDonald's or Wendy's or Walmart or anywhere really I'm sure somebody would probably walk up to me and be like, not I'm sure but somebody has, not somebody, but a few people have walked up to me and said 'what you doing here, all that money you got!' I'm here because the same reason you're here like' I'm trying to get food I'm trying to shop I'm trying to do this I'm trying to do that' โ€“ like I'm just chilling like I don't know I just wish people didn't assume that because we are who we are like we can't do normal things basically."

Deyjah is doing things on her own.

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