T.I.'s Alleged Side Chick Bernice Burgos Is Giving Tiny More Reasons To Stay Up At Night With Her Stunning Photos On Social Media

T.I.'s Alleged Side Chick Bernice Burgos Is Giving Tiny More Reasons To Stay Up At Night With Her Stunning Photos On Social Media

Bernice Burgos is still keeping herself busy by putting on a great show online for her fans. The 37-year-old mother of two has her supporters salivating over her stunning physique.

The model and video vixen is all about the hustle these days. Burgos is getting her coins left and right -- hosting events all over the globe, her fashion line, and pushing her sponsors on social media.

While her love life and the alleged affair with rapper T.I. is what brought her a lot of attention this year, she is not saying much now. It is hard to know if she is seeing anyone at the moment.

Nonetheless, one can probably assume that she gets a lot of offers because the name Burgos is often associated with words like "beautiful" and "stunning."

T.I.'s wife, Xscape singer Tameka "Tiny" Harris, still has nightmares over what happened between her spouse and the model. The "No Mediocre" singer has to reassure his wife of seven years that he is not going to fall back in Burgos' thirst trap.

It is not an easy task because Miss Burgos is the embodiment of temptation.

An insider revealed: "Even though Bernice [Burgos] is out of the picture, she is still on Tiny‘s mind. Tiny checks up on her on social media and compares herself to her all the time. Tiny is still haunted by Bernice — Bernice nearly destroyed her marriage, so just forgetting about her is not an option. Instead, she is taking notes and making sure she outdoes Bernice. Sending T.I. sexy twerking videos is just part of it — she is also checking Bernice’s style and how she poses for her selfies. Tiny is not in total denial; she knows T.I. obviously had a huge attraction to Bernice and she wants to make sure she does it better than her. She is all about proving to T.I. that she is better for him in every way."

Burgos is so good and impressive in her field that she has the competition sweating when the game is basically over.

Sources say that Tiny only won the fight because the well-being of the children she raised with T.I. weighed a lot in the balance.

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  • Majorette
    Majorette Sep 15, 2017 7:26 AM PDT

    If Tiny is surfing Bernice IG then she is insecure. When a woman exhibits, she doomed. If he chose Tiny, she should not worry. Looks r only skin deep. Bernice is trying hard o get where Tiny is; so why is Tiny worried about her. What she should do is not invite women in her bedroom with her man.

  • A
    A Sep 14, 2017 4:20 PM PDT

    This takes us back 3-5 decades in feminism

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