T.I. Reveals His Latest Project: 'The Wait Is Over'

T.I. Reveals His Latest Project: 'The Wait Is Over'
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T.I. reveals a project that he's been working on for quite a while now. People initially believed that it's a new album, but it seems that this is a podcast.

It's best to see his original announcement below.

'Yeeeeeessssss-SIR‼️ It’s UP THRRR.... The wait is OVER.... These people done fu*ked up and gave me MY OWN podcast 😈 Its called “ExpediTIously” & You CAN Subscribe now on @ApplePodcasts dropping my first episode next Thursday 9/5!!! #ExpediTIously #UDIGG -insert villainous laugh 😆' Tip captioned his post.

A fan said: 'Congrats bro.. look @ you tryna be like ya younger bro 🤣😎✊🏽'

One person told Tip: 'Searched on apple podcast can’t find you! Do we have to wait till sept 5??'

Another fan praised him: 'Well there Sir, I’m quite eager to digest and dissect the magnanimous economical empowerment you’re about to bestow upon us😌'

Someone else said: 'The first-ever podcast I’m subscribing too. Why do you have me laughing already? 😂'

One follower made sure to congratulate the rapper for this huge achievement: 'Congrats! I can only imagine how many times you will say, EXPEDITIOUSLY LOL.'

Tip was recently in the spotlight when he made his followers laugh their hearts out with an IG post.

He’s comparing past generations to this one , and it’s pretty funny as you’ll see for yourself below.

Speaking of generations, Tip is always praised by his fans and followers due to the way in which he’s raising his kids and what he’s teaching them.

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