T.I. Reveals His Biggest Flex For Fans - Check Out The Message That He Posted

T.I. Reveals His Biggest Flex For Fans - Check Out The Message That He Posted
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T.I. just revealed the biggest flex that he flaunts for his fans on social media. Check out the message that he shared.

A commenter said: 'king salute to you& all your success #Legendsliveforever,' and one other commenter posted this: 'Never mind what haters say ignore them till they fade away.'

One other follower said: '@troubleman31 You will surely live on forever!!! We love you, and you're doing great things ❤️❤️❤️!' and a commenter posted this: 'Keep keeping your baby girl off the pole King @troubleman31.'

Somoene else said: '@troubleman31, And that would be the biggest flex, and I do believe and that it will happen.'

A follower said: 'The truth is that you have all the power. If you can change your mind, you can change your life. You don't need any amount of money, connections, or education. You just need to be in control of your mind. All you're really doing is programming your mind. This is the secret, so many people overlook in life. The key to success is overcoming your self-limiting beliefs and aligning yourself with the energy you want in life. You can be, do, and have anything🤙.'

One follower said: 'I doubt that ppl went remember, but they will continue to do what if they want to do whether it’s right or wrong.'

One commenter said: 'Ima remember u always being on the internet talking a bunch of bs, but yea u a legend low key.'

In other news, Tiny Harris  shared a photo featuring T.I. and their granddaughter – meet  Zonnique Pullins ‘ daughter in the photo that Tiny dropped on her social media account.

‘Came right in & took over!! They slept like this all night!! She’s perfect in every way!! My baby @troubleman31 & Honey’s…Honeybun. In love,’ Tiny captioned her post.


Tip is living his best life with his family.

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