T.I. Responds To Accusations That His Problem With Floyd Mayweather Is About Tiny Harris And Not Gucci - Watch His Video

T.I. Responds To Accusations That His Problem With Floyd Mayweather Is About Tiny Harris And Not Gucci - Watch His Video
Credit: Source: bet.com

Rapper T.I. has been accused that his real issue with Floyd Mayweather is in fact about Tiny Harris and not Gucci.

If you don't know what this is all about, Tip recently took to social media where he slammed Gucci decided to sell an odd sweater that resembled blackface in the middle of Black History Month.

The rapper demanded that people boycott the luxury brand and Floyd along with Kodak Black decided to show support to the brand.

Fans have been accusing Tip, and now he decided to respond, so he made a live video on Instagram. Here's what he had to say:

People did not exactly agree with Tip, and they made sure to tell him this is the comments section.

Someone said 'How in Gods name is that your response after everything Jaybling said? Being vocal about social injustice and BEING about social injustice are two different things. Why should anyone listen to TI about uplifting the black community when he makes a song called “F*ck Ni**a”? How does that help social injustice lol? Y’all don’t even have the mental capacity to understand how fighting for social injustice should go.'

The same follower continued and wrote 'Because he makes videos on Instagram and changes his profile picture he’s vocal about it? Lmaoo expect more and stop looking up to him because he’s famous and has money. It’s all on the surface with TI where’s the substance? Where’s the diss track for Travis? How come he not reaching out to Gucci Mane telling him to change is name? Jay bling brought up all valid points smh.'

Someone else said 'But the temporary ban doesn't make any sense. Floyd has a right to say what he said and be who he is.'

What do you think about what Tip had to say?


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  • Azizah
    Azizah Feb 17, 2019 8:09 AM PST

    This is not worth opening up for discussion. Mr. Harris is married and doing Grown Man things. Mr. Mayweather is a boy running around with high class thots!!!. I'll tell you what do the math.

  • LaDona Joseph
    LaDona Joseph Feb 16, 2019 9:02 AM PST

    I support T I all the way. He is a good person protective of his family hard working. Awesome artist entrepreneur. Loving father loving husband. And I am so sick of ppl saying negative things about him. Always been a fan of him and his wife. Just let them alone. Bring him up not down. He has ever y right to express himself. Just leave him alone !

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