T.I. Remembers Nipsey Hussle - Check Out The Video Tip Shared In The Memory Of The Late Rapper

T.I. Remembers Nipsey Hussle - Check Out The Video Tip Shared In The Memory Of The Late Rapper
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T.I. is remembering Nipsey Hussle, who passed away a year ago, and he made sure to post a video on his social media account in order to mark the moment. Check out the clip that Tip decided to post on IG.

'Just Us Kickin shit Before the world went crazy... Ain't been the same since. Never will be. Even still... We'll take memories like these & lessons we learned from your life into eternity wit us King. TMC🏁' Tip captioned his post.

Someone said: 'Thank the highest for having videos like this where u can see ya memories live in 3D! #preciousmemories,' and another follower also posted a memory: 'Tb: to when nipsey came to medusa and you pulled up, chains pulled up, QC... he was solid.'

One other commenter posted this: 'SHAME ON EVERYONE who is on this page not Honoring Nipsey. on the Anniversary of his passing, but using it for Selfish motives. So DISRESPECTFUL & in the words of TIP “ You are out of pocket, Fix it EXPEDITIOUSLY!!!!!'

Someone else wrote: 'Glad you got these...Our City will never be the same. At least he ain't got to worry about no heavenly CORONA.'

Another follower said: 'I know they say God has a plan for us all, but this wasn’t supposed to be part of the plan...this one still hurts!'

One other fan posted: 'I still feel so much in disbelief and so many other mixed emotions. I can just imagine how friends and family feel. His energy was unexplainable. RIP NIP.'

Someone else wrote: 'Can we figure out the names of the ones behind his assassination ..... because that has gone completely underground because it seemed like a basic moles patsies technicians operation by the higher-ups fr fr.'

In other news, T.I. tricked his fans with a photo that made them go crazy in the comments. He’s revealing his ‘secret family,’ and people are laughing their hearts out.

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Posted on Sep 14, 2021 4:28 PM PDT