T.I. Puts Media Outlets To Shame For Revealing His Sister, Precious Harris' Cause Of Death -- Fans Applaud Tiny's Husband For Defending His Family

T.I. Puts Media Outlets To Shame For Revealing His Sister, Precious Harris' Cause Of Death -- Fans Applaud Tiny's Husband For Defending His Family
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T.I. is a force not to be reckoned with when it comes to his family. On Thursday, Tiny Harris' husband posted a few videos where she obliterated TMZ for publishing a story that revealed his sister, Precious Harris' cause of death.

The site stated that the Fulton County medical examiner's office revealed that "cocaine toxicity which aggravated hypertensive cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure)" caused Precious to crash the car she was driving and die.

The rapper was not happy with the report and lashed out: "As long as you've known me, Harvey, I've been respectful, I've been cordial, I been polite, I been kind, I been fair. You just burned that bridge. I hope your story was worth it. You just burned a bridge. To not just me, but everybody around me. All my family. Anybody who stands with me, anybody who stood with Precious...will not stand with you."


TMZ deleted the story and apologized to T.I and his family.

One person said: "Exactly... Let precious continue to rest in peace. Tmz should be ashamed of themselves my family, or I will no longer be supporting them. I see they deleted the story, but it's too late it already got picked up by other companies... This is humiliation and embarrassing to the Harris family period, and I hope and pray the family takes legal action. @troubleman31 your family is in my prayers, please don't let this get in the way of what kind of legacy and person precious was!!!"


Another commenter shared: "T I I would love for you to sue them they took the story down because it was illegal that was precious last medical record you do not suppose to put out people medical records, and that's why they took it down. I'm on your side get them."

This follower claimed: "@troubleman31 see the problem is tmz have done this before with other celebrities, and no one held them accountable for their actions. But today they got the right one it's about time someone checked them and hold them responsible for the things they do about people private life and especially a grieving family. Then for them to retract the story and list all the good she has done is total bs the damage is done tmz is done."

A fourth person said: "The information was released because it was supposed to be released. Had the family released the report themselves, they would've been able to control the narrative. They chose to keep it a" Secret." I'd imagine for fear that it would dim her light. Precious was who she was, the things she did to help people she did. No one can change any of that. Now the forum is open to help many more suffering with her "Secret."

T.I. puts up for his loved ones.

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  • Larry TaylorJr
    Larry TaylorJr Jun 8, 2019 6:52 PM PDT

    T i first I would like to send my condolences to you and your family second I want to condone and support the fact that you got on TMZ's head somebody has to let them know that they can't do what they want to do to people in the name of news TI I haven't always supported everything you done but I always respected you as a man and I always loved your music and now you get the upmost respect brother cuz we as a people need to start being at the vanguard of not just our families but our communities as well and stop allowing other people to dictate how people view us so you stay strong brother and continue fighting the good fight blessings to you and your family and everybody that believe how we believe amen

  • MRS Wilson
    MRS Wilson Jun 7, 2019 9:36 PM PDT

    Why haven't TMZ been sued for this before is my question.. If you go to the doctor there is a HIPAA law that protects anyone from getting or knowing, your medical condition or records. If anyone breaks that law whether it's the doctor or nurses the will be prosecuted the the fullest. Now why is it ok for TMZ to break this same law giving out someone's medical diagnosis rather dead or alive. They should be sued and the show shut down. I really hope this make them see that their time is up for this stupidity and times have changed. Its 2019 grow the hell up! And I hope this guy Harvey's doesn't have a wife, sisters or daughters because Karma is a mean heffa.

  • Jo
    Jo Jun 7, 2019 6:41 PM PDT

    She OD'd on coke while driving (another outlet reported there were kids in the car) & accidentally crashed, killing herself & endangering others. Her former drug dealing brother threatened news sites for reporting this news & they immediately jumped, deleting the former, accurate reports for some oddly suspicious, unknown reason. That about sum it up? Because the real story here is TI's influence in this matter.

  • Unknown
    Unknown Jun 7, 2019 12:35 PM PDT

    TI Snakes are snakes all they do is she'd their skin but ain't nothing change they're still the same TMZ gave their fans what they want and yours too no matter what was said or done . If you're the King of your Castle then stay the King take care of your Queen and your royalties that's connected to you don't let these Blabbergasters get next to you all they do is throw stones and hide their hands then they slither away that's how it got out in the first place.Watch the snakes cause they're crawling put down the lime cause they're coming for you

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