T.I. Praises Nipsey Hussle's Mother's Message To The World - People Say Nip Is Talking Through Her To Comfort Them

T.I. Praises Nipsey Hussle's Mother's Message To The World - People Say Nip Is Talking Through Her To Comfort Them
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Just a little while ago, Nipsey Hussle's mom comforted his fans and friends. As strange as it may seem, she was the one that managed to send strength and more positivity to the broken fans and friends of the late rapper.

She impressed the whole community with an online video in which she's talking about her son and life in general, and T.I. made sure to share this as well.

'This is larger than ALL OF US!!! There’s a more important purpose at hand. There should be no individual’s ego nor personal profits served in Lil Bros transition. ALL LIGHT, ATTENTION & SUPPORT SHOULD BE BESTOWED UPON HIS LIFE, HIS FAMILY, HIS CHILDREN, HIS LADY,&HIS LEGACY!!!! All this other GOOFY SH*T can WAIT!!!! #LongLiveTheGreat @nipseyhussle,' Tip posted the video that he shared on his social media account.

Someone said that 'She’s shifting people’s energy from sadness to understanding. Understanding is the ultimate strength.'

Another follower posted 'His mother is a true gift! You see Nipsey all through her 🙌🏾.'

One other commenter said 'He spoke through her. He knew we all needed it grieving so much for him. Thank you, mom and Nipsey. We all love you and are better because of you.'

A fan was extraordinarily impressed and praised Nip's mother: 'This woman is the epitome of GOD'S GIFT. We thank you for allowing the world to witness your amazing son. We thank you for being the God-fearing woman you are. May God continue to bless you and heal your heart. What a woman. I'm in awe of your strength and forever give you all the praise.'

A supporter also felt comforted after watching the video: 'Exactly, his mother's words really gave me comfort. I found this to be so generous of her, and I will continue to strive to be my best also. His passing really opened up a lot of personal grief for me, and I felt so sad for days. It made me question whether someone I did not know should affect me so much. But I am going to listen to his mother's words and live to honor his spirit and my own brother's spirit. Thank you Nipsey' s Mum.'

Nipsey Hussle’s family has finally decided at the location where the memorial will be held .

After the info has been made public and official, T.I. shared it for all of his fans and followers to see as well.

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