T.I. Praises Dave Chappelle - Check Out This Amazing Video

T.I. Praises Dave Chappelle - Check Out This Amazing Video
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T.I. is praising Dave Chappelle, and he shared a recent video of the comedian on his social media account. Fans are in awe, and they're gushing over Dave as well, flooding Tip's comments section with praises.

'CONGRATULATIONS BRO!!!! Repost from @realdlhughley DaveChappelle DROPPING GEMS!! We (Comedians) try to bring laughter, light and relief to some serious situations through laughter... nowadays that just ends being “interpreted” as everything BUT comedy🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ #TeamDL #comedy #laughter #relief #laughteristhebestmedicine #lightenup #chill #itsajoke,' T.I. wrote in his caption.

Tip continued and said that 'No one says it better than #davechappelle. This is why he deserves the Mark Twain Prize for Humor. Comedy is for everyone, but not every comedian is.'

Someone said: 'Watched this last night and let me say Dave Chappelle is the smartest, intellectual, articulated, most aware, intelligent, funny comedy since the likes of Richard Pryor and Red Foxx we have ever seen in this generation!!! Just listening to his peers speak about him shows the respect he has earned throughout his career!!🔥'

One other commenter gushed over Dave and said: 'The funniest man on earth. I watch his show still and laugh every time.'

An Instagrammer posted: 'He absolutely deserves the award. He is that thinking man’s comedy like Richard Pryor, Chris Rock...great at making you laugh and think about the subjects realistically ...I live his body of work💕'

In other news, T.I.  found himself in hot water  these days after some people accused him of praying for Iran to kill the US soldiers.

He shared various messages saying that he’s supportive of Iranians, and this sparked a massive debate in the comments.

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