T.I. Praises Dave Chapelle And Calls Him A 'Legend Of Epic Proportions'

T.I. Praises Dave Chapelle And Calls Him A 'Legend Of Epic Proportions'
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T.I. just praised Dave Chapelle on social media with his recent post. Check out the message he shared for his fans and followers below.

'Legend of epic proportions‼ 👑💩 Damn wtf these soft ass politically correct, can’t take a joke ass critics say...Bro is the BEST I’ve ever seen... FEARLESS!!! You can’t compare him To nobody but Eddie, Pryor, & Carlin....GOAT status. Go watch this shit RIGHT GOTDAMN NOW!!!!' Tip wrote.

A follower said: 'I concur. Watch it expeditiously!! (See what I did there??)' and one fan wrote: 'Not giving a f***. Hitting on topics that others are scared to tell.'

A person posted:'Hands down the 🐐 Kevin would never too scared to lose money & fans. I knew he was solid when he walked away from the 50 M’s.'

One follower posted: 'I enjoyed this special. This is his best stand up special. He was so honest and real. He didn’t care what people were going to think. Dave put it all on the table. Like I’m tired of this s***'

Someone else shared: 'I can WATCH other comedians, but I LISTEN when Dave is on. He is and Will always be #1. He sometimes educates you as well and always speaks from the gut.'

One follower posted: 'It was epic! Why can we joke about everything BUT GAY PEOPLE...what makes them off-limits???? It’s just comedy!!!!'

Someone else said: 'Your opinion and you're entitled...a bit of an over reach, I'd say. However, Dave is a gifted brother. He's no crumb that's for sure. 💯👍👍'

Not too long ago, Tip revealed a project that he’s been working on for quite a while now.

People initially believed that it’s a new album, but it seems that this is a podcast.

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Posted on Sep 14, 2021 4:28 PM PDT