T.I. Posts Eye-Popping Photo With His 'Beige' Brothers -- Steph Curry And Seth Curry -- Fans Tell Tiny Harris, Come Get Your Husband

T.I. Posts Eye-Popping Photo With His 'Beige' Brothers -- Steph Curry And Seth Curry -- Fans Tell Tiny Harris, Come Get Your Husband
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MC T.I. seems to have lost his shirt in a new photo with brothers Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors and Seth Curry who plays for the Portland Trail Blazers.

Tiny Harris' husband posed with Steph and Seth at an event, (maybe a concert), where he is shirtless and had this caption: "The Beige Brothers 🤣🤣🤣 @stephencurry30 @sdotcurry."

One fan said: "Don't yall know light-skinned dudes ain't in style no more!" - Marcus, ATL. 🤣Lol. This reminds me of IG pics my male cousins be posting during our family cookouts Lol! Beige became my new favorite color 😍👀

Another commenter stated: "What n the lite skin is going on here🙃Very nice looking group of men I must say!!! The beige brothers! I had a first-grade student tell me he wasn’t black he was beige😂Lmao 😂looks like a whole bunch of “light skin conceitedness” here?.?"

This backer revealed: "OMG all of you so disrespectful he married for Christ sakes😡"

After announcing his "expeditiously" podcast, T.I. has already been making solid progress with the project, and has aired an episode of the show.

He invited fellow rapper Rick Ross to talk about the first issue he wanted to bring up -- snitching.

The two discussed the implications of the word at length, specifically in the context of a prisoner snitching on criminal associates, and some interesting statements were made from both sides.

Many of T.I.'s fans have been excited about the podcast project, and have been praising the rapper and activist for his hard work and dedication in spreading the good word.

It looks like he is hitting all the right notes with his topics as well, as the recent talk about snitching managed to draw a lot of attention to the podcast, and started various debates online as well. It looks like this is exactly what T.I. was hoping for as well.

It is no secret that the rapper is well-spoken and a vocal commenter on certain issues, both around rap as well as society as a whole.

It came as no surprise to anyone that he wanted to start a podcast, although many of his fans were initially wondering what the project was about exactly.

It took T.I. some time to make the big announcement, and it looks like he has spent quite a lot of energy on this project behind the scenes too.

So far, he has been enjoying strong success, and hopefully, this will continue in the future as well. Additionally, Tiny is beyond proud of her spouse.

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