T.I. Posts An ExpediTIously Special Edition Alert - See His Video Here

T.I. Posts An ExpediTIously Special Edition Alert - See His Video Here
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T.I. made his fans happy with his latest post that he shared on his social media account. Check out the special edition alert for his podcast, ExpediTIously:

'ExpediTIously🚨🚨Special Edition Alert!🚨For the first time ever, ExpediTIously and The David Banner Podcast will shed light on the humanitarian crisis occurring at Parchman prison in Mississippi. Tip & David Banner will be speaking to Big Krit, along with a special panel of guests who also hail from Mississippi. Join us to listen in on the discussion of mass incarceration, inhumane living conditions and how (if in any way) gang violence within the prison plays a part at Parchman! We will also discuss the next steps to address prison reform. RIGHT NOW‼️ @podcastone @applepodcasts,' Tip captioned his post.

Someone commented: 'I'm so excited about this topic! It needs to be talked about everywhere!' and another follower offered their gratitude to Tip: 'I love your show you help me get through work!'

A diehard fan told the rapper '@troubleman31 Well, that's really what they are setting into play in most places where gentrification is taken place. Look at the city of Atlanta, they just announced that they are dismantling the drug unit and replacing it with a Gang/Violent Crime unit. Same thing they have done in Cobb (without announcing it) The drug convictions had already went down (thanks to cell phones and the ability to record everything) so they had to come up with something else and unfortunately that was it. Listen to Kemp. They are writing and passing laws real fast.'

Someone else was also excited and made sure to tell Tip: 'Yes!!!!! I am soooooo glad someone with a platform is bringing awareness to this issue. I educated my children on this issue a while ago. People need to know what's really going on and how the conditions they are living in has not changed since slavery. Nothing has been updated and I mean nothing, they have our people barely living. Thank you!!!'

A couple of days ago, Tip made his fans excited with some pretty deep words of wisdom , which you should definitely check out.

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