T.I. Pissed Over Wendy Williams’ ‘Dig’ At Him During Her Interview With Tiny; Wendy Said, 'Tell your friend I said hey.' - Check Out The Video!

T.I. Pissed Over Wendy Williams’ ‘Dig’ At Him During Her Interview With Tiny; Wendy Said, 'Tell your friend I said hey.' - Check Out The Video!
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Tiny made it very well and without much drama through the interview with her estranged husband T.I.'s arch enemy Wendy Williams, yesterday, September 22. She went there even if Tip told her not to . Here are more details on how Tip is fuming over an apparent dig the host made toward him.

Everyone was expecting some serious fireworks when Tiny and the rest of the ladies from Xscape went to the Wendy Williams show yesterday.


After all, the show's host is in the middle of a feud with Tiny's estranged husband, T.I.

This happened after Wendy dissed his height and claimed that he wears lifts to seem taller .

Wendy almost made it through on her best behavior, but at the very end of the show she couldn't help herself and got in a sly dig at the rapper saying to Tiny 'Tell your friend I said hey.'

It looks like this is not going over well with Tip.

'Tiny came close to pulling out of her appearance on the show; it was causing so much trouble with her and T.I. But in the end, they agreed on a bunch of ground rules one of them was that Wendy wasn’t even supposed to speak T.I.’s name. Wendy pretty much stuck to all the demands but she got a sneaky dig in at the end,' according to a source.



'When she said to Tiny, ‘tell your friend I said hey,’ it was a message to Tip, at least that’s how he took it. It didn’t go over well with him; he’s not into saying anything to Wendy right now. She bugs the hell out of him, and he’s still a little bothered with Tiny for going on the show. But he’s keeping it moving; he’s got bigger things to think about than Wendy Williams.'

Wendy paid Tiny a compliment at the end of the interview saying that she was really going to miss her VH1 reality show with T.I. and their kids which just went off the air back in May after six seasons. It was very clear that Wendy was referring at Tip when she said 'friend." Tiny knew this as well and agreed to pass along the message with a nod.

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  • Davio Kanuri
    Davio Kanuri Sep 24, 2017 12:24 PM PDT

    TI needs to stop this bs. He's a big time rapper working for and kissing all the white executive a**es. Now he has a problem with a black woman who happens to be a TV host airing his dirty laundry. I don't see him bassing up to white men like that.

    SPARKLE Sep 23, 2017 6:47 AM PDT

    Wendy kept it classy. TI just wants to diss her for putting his nasty laundry in the streets. Glad they reconciled. This time focus on your wife. What look good to you, not good for you.

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