T.I. Offers Fans A Taste Of His New Podcast 'Expeditiously' - See The Video

T.I. Offers Fans A Taste Of His New Podcast 'Expeditiously' - See The Video
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Not too long ago, T.I. revealed something really exciting for his fans. He told them that he has a new podcast which is called Expeditiously.

Now, he offers fans a glimpse of this new project of his. Check out his latest post below.

'ExpediTIously A Roundtable of Real Ones discuss & distinguish the true definition of a Rat!!!! Ya See,I know how it feels to be tagged as some shit that goes all the way against all my morals & principles,but... Great thing for me,I’ve never gave a FUCK about lies more than the TRUTH (on Precious) AND... btw IF ANYBODY EVER WANNA THROW A PAPERWORK PARTY BET MONEY I’LL BE IN THAT BITCH!!!!' Tip began his post.

He continued and wrote: '(Showed mine on the yard and I still have it on me!!! #FYI😉 So all that Cap ain’t bout nothing.... ) Anyways... tune in and subscribe to the new podcast #ExpediTIously on @podcastone @applepodcasts @pk_atl @bigbankdte @freewayricky & #NoIGAceBoogie.'

Someone said: 'If you can carry that gun you can take responsibility for that gun. Real homies wouldn’t even have you go out like that.'

A follower posted: 'That's the real Rickey Ross sitting up there, ayyyyeeee, I know that's right Tip, show that man some love!!! Much love Freeway Rick!!💕'

One other follower wrote: 'You're doing a good job rather it's with the community, your music, you're acting overall in general. Your well rounded and I'm happy for your podcast keep pushing forward Tip.'

Someone else posted: 'You lost me with this homie smh. In most cases even if they find a gun they cant charge everybody. Yall would just have to sit it out and go through the motions, but in most cases, they throw it out.'

One other follower asked Tip this: 'I love the podcast but I also would like to see you all around the table talking. Possibly take the show to YouTube or Netflix?'

Other than this, T.I.  took to his IG account to raise awareness about something horrible that is happening in South Africa.

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