T.I. Makes Tiny Harris Proud As He Spreads Thanksgiving Cheer With Their Children

T.I. Makes Tiny Harris Proud As He Spreads Thanksgiving Cheer With Their Children
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Bravo, T.I. is what many are saying after he took all of his children to help those a bit less fortunate for Thanksgiving.

Tiny Harris' husband rented out a large venue where he and his sons and daughters greeted and talk to multiple families from Atlanta.

T.I. and baby Heiress came bearing gifts, lots of turkeys, and vegetables to make sure that people have a nice Thanksgiving meal.

Several politicians joined the Harris clan as they put smiles on faces.

T.I.P. explained: "We have been there... filling the gap in our community... Doing our part for the people 13 years straight. And it’s been an absolute pleasure. Always honored to do what we can for the community that was there for me first. Broadcasting Live from da Westside!!!! Special Thanks to @keishabottoms @andreaboonenow & the City of Atlanta for joining us.
Happy Holidays. #HarrisCommunityWorks."

One fan told the rapper: "Stay blessed my brother always been my favorite before Instagram..... have a happy Thanksgiving you and the family, and I salute you for everything you do for your community......I'm from Harlem by the way lol. BEAUTIFUL!❤️ God bless your heart, you don't forget where you came from! I love this!"

Another commenter stated: "You are truly a sweetheart and very humble, I commend you on taking care of those in your community. You didn’t forget where you came from and you definitely understand the struggle, I see you always doing various good deeds for those that are less fortunate than you are. Thank you, brother, for also caring and also speaking out when you see injustices against our people as well."

This supporter wrote: "Thank God for an Angel like you Happy Gobble Gobble Day. This my favorite track off the new album! Thanks for all you do to the Harris fam. Always holding it down for your community while teaching you are little how to keep it humble while rising."

T.I. is also known for speaking out against injustice, protesting with those unfairly treated, slamming Donald Trump, and donating to places hit by natural disasters.

He is a real man of the people.

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  • Kelly
    Kelly Nov 22, 2018 9:06 AM PST

    Love this! This is what you should do when God blesses you. Be a blessing to others.

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