T.I. Makes Huge Announcement About 'ExpediTIously' Project In New Video -- Tiny Harris' Fans Are Proud Of The Rapper

T.I. Makes Huge Announcement About 'ExpediTIously' Project In New Video -- Tiny Harris' Fans Are Proud Of The Rapper
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T.I. has been enjoying a lot of attention lately, and much of it has been positive too, as many of his fans love to gush over the way he speaks and carries himself.

And get ready to get more of Tiny Harris' husband because he has landed a podcast called ExpediTIously .

A few days ago, rumors surfaced of a possible new release titled ExpediTIously with some hints shared by the rapper himself.

T.I. recently shared what appeared to be a promotional image for the project and many of his fans immediately started speculating what that could be about.

It is not the first time the public has heard the word, as it was made famous by T.I. himself in the recent past.

Some fans assumed it was a new track, and others claimed it was a show. Some even suggested that it could be something more unique, such as a book or even a documentary film.


T.I. stayed quiet about his new project after dropping that first hint. However, the wait is over. T.I.P. dropped a huge announcement where he said: "Yeeeeeessssss-SIR‼️ It’s UP THRRR... The wait is OVER... These people done fu*ked up and gave me. MY OWN podcast 😈 Its called “ExpediTIously” & You CAN Subscribe now on @ApplePodcasts dropping my first episode next Thursday 9/5!!! #ExpediTIously #UDIGG -insert villainous laugh😆."

Fans have T.I.P.'s back and look forward to the podcast.

One of them said: "Well there Sir, I’m quite eager to digest and dissect the magnanimous economical empowerment you’re about to bestow upon us😌."

Another commenter wrote: "The first-ever podcast I’m subscribing too. Why do you have me laughing already? 😂 This is all I’ve ever wanted in my life 🔥🙌 I can’t wait to tune in EVERY episode while I’m working on my car 🚗 💯 #expeditiously."

This supporter revealed: "One of the reasons why T.I. is in my Top 5. We, as a community, need to hear information that is going to educate and uplift. Mainstream media exploit us out of fear by giving us shows that keep our minds stagnant with random garbage that provides little to no empowerment for our people. God bless you, bro.🙏🏿💪🏿"

This backer stated: "If you ever discuss mass incarceration, reentry, children with incarcerated parents, etc ... I want to be apart of that dialogue."

T.I. is making a good move with the podcast.

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Posted on Sep 14, 2021 4:28 PM PDT