T.I. Makes Fans Angry And Outraged Following This Post

T.I. Makes Fans Angry And Outraged Following This Post
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T.I. made his fans really upset after he posted this piece of news on social media. Check out the post that he dropped on his IG account.

Someone said: 'Wow, man. Saddest thing bro. Praying for her family,' and a commenter posted this: 'When y’all gonna Protest these Gang bangers? Killing our children .. cause they do it more than the police.'

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A follower said: 'So they turned the shooter in? Or street code still applies to this bs😒🥺' and someone else posted this: 'Until we address gang culture in our community once and for all. Things won’t change. Stop glorifying gang culture!'

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Someone else said: 'And BLM ain’t nowhere to b found. Until we stop this craziness from happening all the damn time, BLM needs to stay quiet as they have been. My boo lost hissed n Baltimore the same way. Black people, we need to do better.'

A follower posted this: 'Damn. May the ancestors welcome the spirit of this angel and help us stop all this foolish violence and heal our people. 🙏🏾'

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Another commenter posted: 'We are our worse enemies no matter how you see it smh rip baby girl.'

A follower said: 'Stop posting stuff you ain’t out in the field handling we don’t need a live from y’all celebrities in y’all mansions.'

A commenter said: 'Crime is out of control in ATL and shootings in and around shopping malls/parking lots in the Buckhead area has become a monthly occurrence.'

Someone else posted this: 'Folks been saying the Buckhead/Lenox Mall area done turned into Greenbriar Mall... I ain’t been home in years so I didn’t understand, I was baffled fr. I get it now... the disease cares not, it just needs a host. RIH heaven to that Princess...😭'

T.I. just dropped a message for all the young men out there.


You can check it our below and pass it along because Tip is definitely right.

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