T.I. Lets His Voice Be Heard On Social Media, But Some People Don't Agree With Him

T.I. Lets His Voice Be Heard On Social Media, But Some People Don't Agree With Him
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T.I. has been using his platform to talk about social injustice on his social media account for a really long time. He's been also addressing the George Floyd matter these days and some of his followers are debating intensively in the comments the tragedy that took place, but also the riots and the looting.

Someone said: '@troubleman31, this is what we need to see. I applaud you for this,' and a follwoer posted this message: 'Houston doing it right. Nothing set on fire here at all. Peaceful protest going on NOW. And they will remove anyone who tries to act stupid. And THAT'S how you do it. cause that's what "we deserve" too!.'

Another follower wrote: 'No revolution was ever won by begging for freedom 💪🏾no ⚖️no peace.'

A commenter said: 'No one will mess with you if you have backbone, principles and morality because you won’t stand for it. You can’t demand change unless you invest in making yourselves upright! Malcolm X,' while another fan posted this: 'Thank you Tip for continuing the post and letting the young voices be heard.'

Someone else wants Tip to do something else as well: 'why dont you tell the people to stop the looting in our black hoods,' and an Instagrammer said: 'until ti does more about people looting and that is what's going to cause martial law then he is a puppy and is helping the cause to make a racial riot and a civil war ...he speaks about everything else to get us wild up but we need to chill now.'

A follower said: 'thank you Sir for all that you do for the community. It means a lot. WE LOVE YOU BLACK MAN.'

Tip spoke a lot on social media about this case that has shaken the whole country these days.

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