T.I. Just Wants Fish And Tiny Harris For Christmas Amid Strict Diet

T.I. Just Wants Fish And Tiny Harris For Christmas Amid Strict Diet
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All T.I. wants for Christmas is fish, Tiny Harris, and his family by his side. This year, the power couple plans to spend the holidays under the same roof with all their children -- Zonnique, Majesty, Domani, Deyjah, King, Major, and baby Heiress.

However, the Harris clan will have to abide by T.I.P.'s new strict diet.

A source told Hollywood Life : “All of his family around him. T.I.P. will be enjoying Christmas this year with all of his family around him. They always have a great time, and Tip will be doing a lot of the cooking for their big family feast. But, instead of making turkey or ham he will be cooking up fish because he doesn’t eat meat or poultry anymore.”

Fans are happy that the family will be spending the holidays as one.

One source shared: "Tiny I really do not follow celebrities and their marriages, but T.I.P. and you are amazing together even my son Amil watch it. I only say this because since the passing of my mother 4 yrs ago. I truly remember her saying. “ will this situation be a problem in 5 years. If not then move on.” You deserve to be happy with the ppl who really love you. In the end, T.I.P. is a great man for a great woman. I? that you guys make it work. From Boston, I’m rooting for you guys."

Another follower stated: "Absolutely Gorgeous you deserve it beautiful, gorgeous lady Ti First love next to your lovely daughter you 1st love, you guys you belong together & you make the show love them all. But it broke my heart when I heard you guys were splitting bc me & my husband split of ten years & you guys was my inspiration after God first, I love couples and marriages lasting ever sentimental."

This fan said: "So happy for your beautiful family. Watching you over the years interacting with all your children and your loyalty to your friends has made me a better person. You are such a good example. You deserve it all.no man or no woman is perfect, but there are principles and rules of kings and queens not to cross to stay in the line of each other and sometimes it takes time to learn that... Learning work in value takes time, and hopefully, we can learn it in one lifetime or in time before we screw it up. So T.I.P. do the best you can I salute you and show and role model with a black man, and a King can do, more people are counting on you than just your kids and your legacy."

T.I. is a decent family man.

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