T.I. Is Asking For His Fans' Help In This Serious Matter

T.I. Is Asking For His Fans' Help In This Serious Matter
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T.I. terrified his fans with a post that he shared on his social media account not too long ago. Check out the message he shared below.

Someone commented: 'Damn, that’s wild. I love my white friends but God knows I’ve said “no” every time they suggested activities on water, in the woods, and mountain hiking 👊🏾😀'

A follower said: 'Why go anywhere with 7 white people first off especially in today’s society,' and one other commenter posted this message: 'It’s sad to say but most white people don’t like us no matter how nice and how friendly we are😢.'

Someone else wrote: 'Wait!! What!!? In today's time, there are Black people out boating with 7 white people?!' and a commenter said: 'This is why black people better quit going with a group of white people alone this is just like the black woman that was found dead at a sleepover with all white women smh.'

A commenter wrote: 'I'm sure if the police wanted to find out the truth they would track the white folks phone data. I guess they only reserve that tactic for protesters though 🙄'

Someone else posted this message: 'We HAVE to stop being so trusting of white people!!! Wtf!! What have they ever done for us to trust them by yourself?!?'

One other commenter said: 'if it was the other way around the police would have arrested everyone on the boat I guess the rules just never seem to work the same if you're of color may justice be served.'

In other news, T.I. addressed an important new issue that did not get the media coverage that it was supposed to. Check out his message .

In other news, Tiny Harris and her hubby, T.I.  visited the King George Floyd Memorial. 


‘Had the pleasure of visiting #KingGeorgeFloyd memorial…’ he captioned his post.

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