T.I. Highlights The Importance Of Voting: 'Reclaim Your Power, Reclaim Your Vote'

T.I. Highlights The Importance Of Voting: 'Reclaim Your Power, Reclaim Your Vote'
Credit: BET

T.I. is calling people out to vote in 2020. He says that the vote is people's microphone and calls everyone to vote in order to reclaim the power. Check out the video that he shared on his social media account.

'We are powerful. It’s time for our participation to match. Nothing about us should ever be decided without us.‬ Don't just vote for a party... Vote for YOUR generation's & your community's best interests. ‪To get involved, visit www.bet.com/reclaimyourvote. ‪Reclaim your power. Reclaim your vote.," Tip captioned his video.

He received a lot of support from fans but also backlash from haters as well n the comments.

Someone said: 'I feel like too many of us put our faith in man instead of he who created man... That's why this never works,' and another follower posted this: 'Unless they are giving black people reparations, we’ll be at home chilling,'

One commenter praised Tip's move and said: 'Thanks. We need more celebrities to step up and get more people out to vote.'

Someone else wrote: 'Have we decided as whole what issues we want to be changed that can align to a black agenda I don't even know who to vote for,' and another follower posted this: 'You truly stepped into the position and you're truly about it Tip @troubleman31 ...Thank you ✊🏽🔥'

Recently, Tip made a lot of his fans happy when he shared a few throwback pics featuring his beloved wife , Tiny Harris.

Other than this, during the past few days, Tip has been  celebrating all kinds of important people in history for Black History Month in order to raise awareness.

He gave a shoutout to Marla Gibbs and Ella Fitzgerald as well. He also mentioned Huey P. Newton, and fans and IG followers were really happy that he decided to do this.

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