T.I. Has Surprising Reaction After Kodak Black Finally Apologizes To Lauren London And Nipsey Hussle

T.I. Has Surprising Reaction After Kodak Black Finally Apologizes To Lauren London And Nipsey Hussle
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Kodak Black has shocked the world while behind bars. The rapper has decided to apologize to Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London finally.

The MC angered many, including T.I. and The Game, after he made some inappropriate comments about Lauren.

He stated at the time: "Lauren London that's baby, though. She 'bout to be out here single. She fittin' to be a whole widow out here. I'll be the best man I can be for her. I'll give her a whole year. She might need a whole year to be crying and sh*t for [Nipsey]."

The Florida rapper issued this lengthy apology to Lauren and Nipsey: "Willin To Accept When I'm Wrong & Stand Firm When I'm Right.
The Whole World Know Your Example Was A Guiding Light.
I Pray Your Fam Light & Accept This Humble Apology In My Kite.
You Remind Me Of Icecube, Bunchy Carter & Huey P.
A Hustler & Owner The Second Coming Of Easy E.
What Happened To You Could've Happened To Me! I'm a Young Philanthropist Like You. Even Tho We From Two Different Worlds, I Saw Your Vision But I Notice That My Words Are Often Misinterpreted. Sometimes A Man Say Things He Doesn't Really Mean But On Some Z Sh*t I Never Meant To Disrespect Your Queen, Homie I Was Really Respecting Your Scene. #FLYHIGH Ima Keep The Marathon Going #KINGKAHAN @nipseyhussle @laurenlondon".

T.I. responded by: "That's solid✊🏽." He added: "Free @kodakblack 👑."

One fan said: "He really is trying to make amends, and for that, I find it forgivable...It takes a man to admit his wrongs. Don't matter if it took a year or ten years. Salute to growth 💯. Ion think he is meaning harm he just be working it wrong at the wrong times lol.see what u saying it makes it look like she's his property if anything he should apologize her more but Nip himself deserves an apology in Nipsey case he should have said I apologize for tryna disrespect you and your family make it seems like I been plotting on her and to Lauren should have said a whole different apology."

Another commenter shared: "If so, many are willing to accept apologies from these white folks and their hate, and we have to be more than willing to accept an apology from this brother's apology for being insensitive. You can root for your fav all you want, but the bottom line is it wasn't a direct apology towards Lauren. You know this, and I know this. The difference is you dgaf, and I do.🤷🏽‍♀️"

A third person explained: "People can never be satisfied...He apologized. It doesn't matter how late he did it. He is YOUNG! Pls, don't cancel him! He's just learning!! At least he apologized. He's learning. Sometimes you have to sit back and think about what you did or what you said. Most people don't apologize when they are wrong."

A critic stated: "Okay, now apologize to all the dark skin women that you continue to degrade & offend. Never forget when he said he prefers light skin women over dark skin women because light skin women are weaker 🥴."

Is this the beginning of Kodak's redemption?

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