T.I. Has Fans Saying He's The Best Father After His Message For Baby Girl Heiress Harris - See What The Rapper Tells His Daughter

T.I. Has Fans Saying He's The Best Father After His Message For Baby Girl Heiress Harris - See What The Rapper Tells His Daughter
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Probably the whole community knows that Tiny Harris and T.I. are celebrating the third birthday of their beloved daughter , Heiress Harris.

This little lady may be only three years old, but she's getting more beautiful and smarter with each passing day.

A few days ago, her mom, Tiny posted a video in which Heiress can be seen reciting her older brother King's music lyrics , and her fans were in awe to see her doing this at such a young age.

She's proven her wits more than once on social media, and Tiny and Tip's fans have always been praising both her intelligence and her beauty. They also gushed over her parents for raising her just the right way.

Tiny recently posted lots of pics and videos for her baby's birthday on her social media account, and some fans have been waiting to see Tip's message. Well, here it is, just as he wrote it:

'Happy Birthday Scooter Poots🛵💨 I can still remember how small you were when you were born (6-7weeks premie)small enough to fit in my hand when you curled up. We had to stay up at the hospital and make sure you drank 3oz of formula so they could remove the tube from your nose & you could grow to be big enough and strong enough to come home with us,' Tip began his emotional message.

T.I. continued and said 'When we got you home I was more frightened to hold you and sleep with you than I’ve ever been with any of the other Harris babies (because you were by far the “Tiniest”😉).... Before long you were a full-grown boss baby running the house, commanding attention & doing it your way!!! We listened to prince “purple rain” when you cried and read bedtime stories even when it wasn’t bedtime. We did our ABC’s and 123’s far before anyone would’ve expected you to...& now we’re on to singing & dancing to @itsjojosiwa, watching Duck Tails after your bedtime, & whippin’ slime like a big girl!!!'

Tip finished his lengthy and emotional message for his baby daughter by saying: 'I can’t express how much love, joy,& happiness you’ve brought me & this whole family!!!! We’ll ALL BE HERE for you to help you & watch you grow, learn,& conquer the world!!! You’re always gonna be Daddy’s Baby!!! We LOVE YOU DEARLY Scoots!!!! Oh and @teamtipuk thx for keeping up with all the memories!!!!'

His fans were really impressed after reading his words and they made sure to tell the rapper that he's the best dad ever.

He's proud of all his kids and especially when one of them has an important achievement, Tip is the first supporter. He recently gushed over Domani and King when they released their new music.

Tip is indeed a great dad and Tiny always agreed on this.

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