T.I. Has An Important Message For His Fans Regarding The Murder Of Breonna Taylor

T.I. Has An Important Message For His Fans Regarding The Murder Of Breonna Taylor
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T.I. posted an important message for her fans regarding the murder of Breonna Taylor. Here's what he had to say and check out the shoutout for his followers.

'There is no way in hell the officers responsible for murdering #breonnataylor can be allowed to walk free. Our brothers are already being killed daily, but murdering our sisters can not be tolerated! We've gone beyond the boiling point. Show up and join @attorneycrump @untilfreedom @ju.niya @colorofchange @blmlouisville to stand for sis! #fightforbreonna,' Tip captioned his post.

A follower asked: 'Is her boyfriend still being charged? That needs to be addressed,' and someone answered: 'they dismissed the charges and let him go. Thank God because he never should have been in there in the first place.'

Another follower said: 'It’s so sad lives gotta be lost just for points to get proven! And rights to be made 🙌🏽❤️ RIH' and one other commenter posted this: 'At this point, we just need to fight back cause it doesn’t seem like nothing has changed it’s like it’s 1960 again.'

One other commenter said: 'I'm not sure the extent of the law Obama set for body cams in the state she was in but I do know they didn't have any other agencies present which may mean they should have had on body cams but we can't keep allowing our lack of knowledge of law be the reason they always are let go or acquitted of the charges ....we have to know our rights given so that even the lawyers are held to a standard of making the right arguments and are doing all in the power...u know how extortion works within the system.'

A follower told the rapper, 'Tip, you need your own app. A platform independent of any other entity is very empowering on several levels in today's society. My company would love to work with you in designing & developing the project... #Expeditiously @troubleman31.'

Tip was in the spotlight recently when his daughter, Deyjah Harris shared an anxiety-related message on her Twitter account for all of her followers.

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